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Hi, I'm Kim!

More than anything I love nature and making artwork, reminding people like you to connect with our ancient belonging to the earth. In all her mystery and wonders. I think that’s what many of us forget in our daily lives – the plants that nourish us, the trees that ground us, the sunlight that sustains us. And where we are all part of.

Maybe you go out for a walk to nature when you can fit it in your schedule, but most of the time we are somehow disconnected from the beautiful things that gives us life. I’m here to create artwork that reminds us of our ancient connection to nature and all its wonders, peace and harmony. To fill your home with nature artwork and bring some beauty into your space.

Paintings that remind us that we are part of nature.

And to reconnect with the beauty that’s naturally
in- and outside all of us.



We all need a place to feel belonged 

Our lives are filled with movement and activity and we all need spaces to find peace and feel a gentle reminder of true belonging.


As an artist I want to create paintings that bring nature's beauty and harmony into your home and heart. 

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