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Coming March 29th at 11:00 AM CET



Doors open for Collector's first at March 29th for a week! During this week Collector's will have a 10% discount.

Exploring new worlds

For me, ‘wanderlust’ stands for adventure in nature, explore new paths and places while hiking and wandering around. When I'm outdoors I can relax, quiet my mind and have the space and time to listen to the things my heart has to say. Something I just find difficult in a daily busy life.


For me it's so important to follow my heart and spend my time with things I love to do or be with people I love to have around. That's not always easy in our modern day lives. But when I’m on a mountain peak, in the middle of a forest or in a meadow field, I lean into the beauty of the world and I feel grace that I may live in it. It's kind of meditative, but good and healthy as well. It's something so natural for us as human beings, that we should do it way more often.


With this Wanderlust collection, I hope to bring you that same feeling of freedom and belonging. And I hope it reminds you to be yourself and follow your heart. 


And I hope that my paintings transform your space into a relaxing place where you feel thoroughly at home. With a little spark of nature’s beauty as well. 

If you join my list you'll have early access to the collection for a week and you'll get a discount of 10% to use on a painting in the collection.



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Get 10% discount

Sign up to receive the secret password to enter the WANDERLUST COLLECTION a week before the public does. As a member you'll also get a special 10% discount you can use during this week on a painting in the collection. 

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