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"That mountain is calling", 40x50cm oil painting

"That mountain is calling", 40x50cm oil painting

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Mountains can’t talk, but sometimes it’s as if a mountain is calling me. Not literally (of course!), but the view on a mountain can give me that exciting need that I just have to hike up to that top. Do you know it? You pack your bag and just go. No plan, no roadmap; it’s the top that leads you. For me, it’s not always the best way of hiking (yep, I get a bit lost sometimes or it turned out I didn’t walk the fastest route). Nevertheless, it brought me to the top, I loved to wander around on the trail and discovered new things on the road up.


“The Wanderlust Collection” is inspired by hikes and walks through natural landscapes, inhaling the fresh air and viewing the sky.  This painting is inspired by a trip to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. While I personally found inspiration from this place, you may find a connection in this work to another place. How wonderful is that; the beauty of art ánd nature, if you ask me 😉!


“That mountains is calling” is a 40x50 centimeter oil painting on a 3D cotton canvas.

  • Shipping costs within the Netherlands are automatically added to your order. For shipping UPS parcel delivery will be used and the shipping is insured. If you choose to pick up at my studio, no shipping costs will be calculated. I’ll contact you about a date and time.

    For international shipping a minimum of €50,- will be added to your order and these shipping costs you pay are a minimum. Any additional shipping costs or credits will be calculated based on your location and package dimensions and will be invoiced or refunded AFTER purchase. 

    The painting will be shipped as soon as the oil paints are cured enough to package (3-5 weeks). I’ll coordinate all the shipping details with you in advance so the artwork arrives safely and as quickly as possible.

  • Size: 40 x 50 centimeter, 4 centimeter deep (3D effect), wich adds an extra dimension than the standard stretched canvasses that are 2 cm thick.

    This painting is made with toxic free and environmental friendly oil paints. It's painted on a 100% cotton canvas that's universally prepared, with a fine textile structure. The canvas has been stretched onto a stable frame made of FSC-certified wood to avoid warping and bending.

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