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Nature can simply teach you

how to let go.


One of the greatest joys of wandering through natural landscapes is the feeling of complete freedom. Far away from your busy life, there's space to breathe and time to look around. I love it! It offers a chance to find some inner calmth. And you can be who you are.

I believe that we all need this: time and space to be who we are and wander around. To stay curious and explore new things. It's just that we are often busy with the status quo: a good job, career and responsibilities that sometimes we lose what our heart has to say. While it is so important to hear what we actually want from the inside.
So, 'Wanderlust' is not only litterally a desire to hike in nature and explore new worlds outside, for me it also means to take more time to wander around in live, to stay curious and explore new paths. Even though it means we have to go off the beaten track for that. 

That's why I created this collection: as a gentle reminder to welcome a bit more 'wanderlust' in your life. And to celebrate the beauty of it all, where we as human beings are part of. 

Bring some peaceful beauty into your home.

The Wanderlust Collection features wild landscapes full of inspiration.

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wanderlust - a poem

Today I listen. I just listen. 

To the wind that breezes through a tree,

a bird that sings and flies so free.

I climb upon a rocky mountain hill,

And hear grasses whisper; it makes me thrill.

Oh nature, you quiet my mind and open my soul.

Wandering around, I feel a part of this bigger whole. 

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